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Here you will find articles, analysis and advice to keep you up-to-date, stimulated and get you thinking and talking. If you would like to contribute then please get in touch.

TOPRA In Switzerland Basel 10th September 2014
TOPRA In Switzerland is holding the latest networking meeting on Biosimilars in Basel on Wednesday 10th September 2014...
[ Published: 19/07/14 | Source: TOPRA | More... ]

How can we improve healthcare in emerging countries?
Despite the impressive medical advances that have taken place over the past 100 years, shocking healthcare disparities continue to exist on a global level and many people lack access to even basic healthcare.
[ Published: 04/06/14 | Source: Faiz Kermani PhD, Director of Media Relations, World Medical Fund | More... ]

The World Medical Fund seeks help to combat malaria in Malawi
The World Medical Fund (WMF - UK registered charity number: 1063756) helps Africa's poorest and most vulnerable children. WMF was founded with two key objectives: high achievement on the ground and low administration costs. As WMF receives no governmental funding, it relies entirely on donations and operates with minimal administrative costs (less than 4%). Last year, WMF's team treated over 25,000 cases of sick children, with 36% of the cases associated with malaria...
[ Published: 20/03/14 | Source: Faiz Kermani PhD, Director of Media Relations, World Medical Fund | More... ]

Jobs in healthcare communications; Medical Writing
Do you want to be Train Driver? An Astronaut? Or even an X Factor winner? How about a job in healthcare communications as a Medical Writer?
[ Published: 02/01/13 | Source: Star Medical | More... ]

How To Succeed In Interviews
Following on from the article we posted about the do and don'ts of a good CV/Resume, we carry on with interview do's and don'ts. Some of this stuff will seem obvious but you'd be amazed at how candidates conduct themselves in interviews...
[ Published: 13/02/12 | Source: | More... ]

*Sigh* How to write a CV/Resume
We see some shocking CV's/Resumes attached to the applications sent to the recruiters and employers that post jobs on this website. And I mean seriously shocking...
[ Published: 12/02/12 | Source: | More... ]

Book: Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development
Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development provides a comprehensive and systematic overview of careers in the life science industry, with all their ups and downs.
[ Published: 23/02/11 | Source: Toby Beth Freedman, Ph.D. | More... ]

Regulatory Affairs: A guide
The Regulatory Affairs function within the industry is the interface between Commercial Organisations (Pharma, Biotech, Biopharmas/Biologics, CRO’s, OTC, Generics and Medical Devices), and Regulatory Authorities in order to approve Registrations/Marketing and Manufacturing Authorisations, Maintenance of Products and Clinical Trials Authorisations.
[ Published: 01/11/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

Medical Information: A guide
What do Medical Information Professionals do? Medical information professionals usually work within the commercial divisions of pharmaceutical companies. They provide evaluated, balanced information and advice on clinical aspects of medicines to healthcare professionals (e.g., physicians, pharmacists, nurses and NHS managers) and to patients. Information and advice are based upon published literature, confidential company data and experience.
[ Published: 31/10/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

REACH Regulation: A guide
REACH – otherwise known as Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, is a European wide piece of legislation that falls under the European Community Regulation. This was enforced on the 1st of June 2007 to ensure the industry takes greater care in making others aware of the risks that chemicals can pose both environmentally and to human health...
[ Published: 31/10/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

Healthcare PR: A guide
The world of Healthcare PR is a niche industry, but also one that is very important, and more significantly to people trying to start a career is also growing. There are a variety of roles that you can perform whilst working in this industry, and the usual progression is seen below...
[ Published: 30/10/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

Medical Communications: A guide
Medical communications – often shorted to med comms – is the name given to a range of companies that work on outsourced marketing and communications projects on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The work involved can vary massively dependent on the company or product in question, and it can prove to be a highly interesting and rewarding career path for both experienced scientists and ambitious commercial professionals.
[ Published: 30/10/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

Health Economics: A guide
Health economics is a brand of Economics that deals primarily with proving the cost effectiveness of treatments for illness. This is important to measure the pros and cons of different medications or interventions and the underlying cost to either the government or private insurers (USA etc.)
[ Published: 29/10/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

Clinical Research: A guide
Clinical Research is one of the key areas in the pharmaceutical product development. Clinical Research is the phase of the Drug Development Life Cycle, where testing is carried out on humans, in tightly controlled Clinical Trials, in order to ensure that the Drugs are safe to use and effective in treating disease.
[ Published: 28/10/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

Drug Safety / Pharmacovigilance: A guide
Drug Safety also known as Pharmacovigilance (common use of abbreviation PV or PVG) is the science of collecting, monitoring, researching, assessing and evaluating information from healthcare...
[ Published: 28/10/09 | Source: NonStop Recruitment | More... ]

Job boards, careers advice and other stuff...
Whilst we pride ourselves in being a niche job board providing you with the best jobs in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and drug discovery & development arena, we recognise that from time to time you may want a wider selection of roles. We suggest you try the following:
[ Published: 20/09/09 | Source: | More... ]

Newly Launched Global Health Education Foundation
May 6, 2009 (East Haven, CT) – At least 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to the most basic healthcare, with this burden being greatest in countries overwhelmed by poverty. Since the gap between rich and poor is widening, the Global Health Education Foundation (GHEF: has been set up to tackle worsening disparities in healthcare.
[ Published: 06/05/09 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

New Book Reveals Strong Healthcare Industry Investment in Middle East
May 5, 2009 (Rockville, MD) – With most headline coverage limited to the region’s politics, the dramatic changes in Middle Eastern healthcare have almost gone unnoticed. However, BioPlan’s newly released A quick guide™ to Healthcare and Biotechnology in the Middle East “For the rest of us…” shows that dramatic changes are on the way.
[ Published: 05/05/09 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

UK Pharmaceutical Executive Pay
Insight into Director Remuneration represents an effort to understand the pay of executive directors and non-executive directors working in the top 40 UK public biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies...
[ Published: 01/01/08 | Source: Piribo | More... ]

The 21st Century Patient
For healthcare professionals, there has always been a belief that due to their educational qualifications, they have the ideal background to understand medical research and its developments. However, over the years the tendency of patients to question the advice they are given has grown and they are taking a much more active interest in healthcare issues, particularly through patient organizations...
[ Published: 20/01/07 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

Underwater drug discovery
Modern drug discovery tends to favor automated approaches involving the creation of novel compounds within the laboratory setting. Although they are in the minority, a few companies in the industry still believe that the natural world holds clues that will result in breakthrough medical treatments. They may not receive much in the way of objective, mainstream scientific coverage, but natural products have been used for thousands of years to treat a host of medical conditions.
[ Published: 09/01/07 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

The Value of Communication in Clinical Collaborations
Pharmaceutical and biotech companies often pay third-party vendors millions of dollars for their expertise, and routinely outsource the services and processes involved in the formulation, manufacture and delivery stages of pharmaceutical R&D. Leveraging the resources of third parties can be both efficient and cost-effective. By sharing information, pharmaceutical companies can get more out of their relationships with vendors...
[ Published: 08/01/07 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

Deadly diseases with a distant impact
Although tropical and resurgent infectious diseases are most often associated with Africa, Asia and Latin America increased global travel and trade between regions has led to a growing number of cases being catalogued in Europe and the USA. There has also been a notable resurgence of diseases that were considered to be on the decline in these regions. The scale of modern travel is huge with there being an estimated international cross-border movement of two million people per day...
[ Published: 08/01/07 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

Can Pakistan promote itself for clinical trials?
In the past decade, the interest in running clinical trials in so-called emerging regions of the world has surged. Within Asia while China and India continue to draw in international sponsors, Pakistan remains a relatively unknown quantity for clinical trials...
[ Published: 08/01/07 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

South Korea pharmaceutical potential
Despite the ongoing risks and expense of drug development, new players are attempting to enter the market. While attention in Asia focuses on India and China, a number of Asian companies from other countries are showing a surprising level of innovation and determination. South Korea is one example of how these new players are trying to broaden their horizons and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way of bringing products to the global marketplace...
[ Published: 07/01/07 | Source: Dr Faiz Kermani | More... ]

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